MARKETING STRATEGY: (i) KFC Target Market: KFC targets the young generation, as here in this country the young generation is more towards eating out and is more energetic. The chain’s same-store sales rose 4% that year. We will write a custom Report on KFC Marketing Strategies specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page. In India recently they have introduced 5 in 1 meal box wherein more products are given as compared to competitors. sauces, marinades and seasonings, KFC has long association with McCormic Company. They also offer free meal vouchers using the … By the help of a comprehensive strategic marketing plan KFC came know the demand of customers and provide verity of products for accordingly. It also has depended on mass media for promotion. Price in the Marketing mix of KFC. KFC follows both optional pricing and mixed bundling pricing.A consumer can buy dishes from the basic menu and go for add-ons (Optional pricing) and there are combo offers which comprise a mix of items. (Stephanie Stahl, 2018). While KFC was forced to close its restaurants on 23 March to ensure the safety of its staff, the plan is to reopen more than 500 of its 900 branches across the UK and Ireland by the end of this week. There are many fast food companies around the world. Even though KFC is such a world famous multinational fast food chain and has many successful products, it still invents new products for the China market specially. The firm serves different types of chicken to appeal to its customers in various geographical locations. Longer queue, mouth-to-mouth talks, free online environment of thousands of users KFC Mongolia has found out that KFC has reached international standards, quality products, and tastes. China is very competitive, Every food and beverage segment in China that can attract the youth target will benefit from huge consumption. All of them use YouTube for video marketing and to promote their products and brand. It was the first Western Restaurant to open in China in 1987 and it is still going strong there. (n.d.). Retrieved December 5, 2018, HYPERLINK "" The most important factors included in the company's strategy are … The brand has engaged its followers well … KFC serves fried chicken as its fried product. After 2017 they made delivery service around Zaisan area and in social media many people were waiting their delivery service to be expand UB area. THE problem that KFC is facing. Now Kentucky Fried Chicken captures a maximum market share. Introduction To evaluate and analyse a "professionally made" marketing plan requires the evaluator, to very critically and closely point out the strengths of the plan, yet also point out parts of the plan that are irrelevant or are in … The brand has engaged its … KFC sells varieties of preparation in chicken like chicken wings, chicken popcorn, Chicken burger, chicken rice bowls, chicken strips and many more. It has posted around 50 videos on YouTube. Retrieved December 5, 2018. Fortunately, KFC consider animal welfare a priority and follow global and local standards in order to secure their customers safety and reputation of their brand (Responsibility. KFC delivers fresh delicious fried chicken to customers and it is the reason why people choose KFC. It has posted around 50 videos on YouTube. The most exciting process is from farm to business, and all workers focus on one goal and follow the vision. Marketing strategy helps companies achieve business goals & objectives, and marketing mix (4Ps) is the widely used framework to define the strategies. And looking ahead, Hinchliffe says he is arguably more pleased with the brand’s marketing than ever before. Browse 4Ps Analysis of more brands and companies similar to KFC Marketing Mix. Learn More. Through Colonel's Community Grant Program, sponsorship, partnership and donation is provided to non-profit organizations. KFC started their business from farm to global brand. The staff at KFC outlets is specially trained in customer service and communication. Although KFC uses an international standardized marketing strategic system, when facing such a huge market in China, adaptation is important to its success. If we compare to these all fast food restaurants, KFC has focused on chicken meat. ( KFC Mongolia, 2014) KFC Mongolian team dedicated a great diligence to implement a winning strategy that builds a strong audience on social media and ultimately powers up the brand in local market. Home » Web marketing strategy » KFC – Marketing Strategy Essay. Introduce desert menu The main ingredient of KFC preparations, chicken is 100%whole muscle chicken. Here Is a List of the Most Popular Food Franchises and Opening Costs. This marketing mastermind is helping KFC get its mojo back. One of the special new product introduced by KFC was Chizza. What is in a Marketing Plan? Following is the distribution strategy of KFC: The founder of KFC identified the importance of franchising and established first KFC restaurant in Utah in 1952. 85 million americans eat fast food daily ., Kentucky Fried Chicken – Management Mission and Values of the Cupola Group, Introduction to KFC. The image of a company founder Colonel Harland Sanders is always a part of the restaurant decor. Retrieved December 5, 2018. KFC opens its front office on the opposite side of the central library opposite the "Business Plaza" center, today KFC Smart, KFC Seoul Street, KFC Tengis, KFC, Namibia, KFC Enhanced avenue Drivetru "," KFC Kharkhorin "," KFC Zaisan "," KFC Space Drivethru "," KFC Horse "and" KFC Houm Plaza Drivethru "have been growing, and the number of favorite fried chicken fries is increasing (KFC Mongolia, 2014). In India the niche marketing is being used for specific classes of people. This article elaborates the product, pricing, advertising & distribution strategies used by KFC. (Tepper, 2013) People was satisfied to experience the taste of fried chicken and other products. The names and other brand information used in the Marketing Mix section are properties of their respective companies. (n.d.). KFC has also been around for many years and has gained expertise as a result of this and it is important to incorporate the long standing brand when developing a positioning strategy. INTRODUCTION KFC Corporation, based in Louisville, Kentucky, is the world’s most popular chicken restaurant chain, specializing in Original Recipe®, Extra Crispy®, Kentucky Grilled Chicken™ and Original Recipe Strips with home-style sides, Honey BBQ Wings, and freshly made chicken sandwiches. BUSINESS ETHICS 2011 Report Sunderland Business School Undergraduate Programs Name: Lanny Chew Jun Kheong Identification Number: 880328-52-5707 Student ID: 109129662/1 Tel. The purpose of this kind of paper is usually to critically measure the marketing strategies of KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken). KFC stands for Kentucky Fried Chicken that. KFC has several channels on YouTube which are dedicated to different markets. It targets the early single segment that is the upper class. They showcase their items on various occasions and in various exercises as they are helping SOS village. (n.d.).). In order to pay franchise fee $45,000 need to pay and 5.5 percent of gross sales should have it (Daszkowski, D. (n.d.). KFC has special taste legacy of Colonel Harland Sander’s secret recipe over 75 years ago. Print media include newspapers, magazines featuring tempting display of KFC offerings, special offers and prices. That is why people choose KFC rather than any other restaurants most of the time. It was found that KFC commercial is seen at least once a week by 185 million viewers. Retrieved December 5, 2018. Introduction. The KFC chain restaurant is equipped with the first tech-savvy restaurant in Mongolia, including interior design, Wi-Fi, cell phone charger, photo shoot and eye-click interactive games in Mongolia, from 10:00 am to midnight. Quizzes test your expertise in business and Skill tests evaluate your management traits. As director of brand communications for Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) – a wholly owned subsidiary of Yum! These details get registered and are useful for next ordering. KFC has franchise value system.Kentucky Fried Chiken will require to have a net worth of $1.5 million to $2.5 million and minimum liquid assets of $750,000. In order to design a best marketing strategy and marketing mix; the company makes use of environmental analysis, marketing analysis, planning, implementation and control measures. Luckily I am so glad to tell you that it is in Mongolia already. The time is limited around 20 days, it may attracting their consumers every day. Identifying USPs is not sufficient as the effectiveness of the Marketing Strategy of KFC will directly depend on management's ability to communicate the identified unique selling propositions. The recommended strategies will ensure a full supply of products to the restaurant and total customer satisfaction. KFC offers franchise option through its website also. Charity work raised through product promotion and they donate 10 percent of money from every kids meal. The 4Ps Marketing Strategy of KFC. I think that is the best marketing strategy for fast food service to state near by university because they wont loose money without real advertisement of people’s eating action and move. KFC has over 300 different menus as a part of its marketing mix product strategy across different locations worldwide. (n.d.). KFC Marketing Strategies - Free download as Word Doc (.doc), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. The most of the people and children love to eat and KFC has special taste legacy of Colonel Harland Sander’s secret recipe over 75 years ago (Introduction to KFC. The company has around 400K followers on YouTube. KFC's rotating colonels ads keep generating attention, such as this year's Colonel RoboCop. In fact, the product ensured quality, clear packages and safety while it is delivering from farm to kitchen for checked 34 times. Internationally the company is known name by KFC but in april 2007, the company began using its original appellation of Kentucky Fried Chicken. The pricing of products ranges approximately from 25 Rs. Mission The main food is exactly burger and crispy chickens and that is what i love to eat the most. The innovation of new products can easily catch customers attention and it seems so close to competing with Pizza. 31 References. (n.d.). For the essential components of products i.e. Marketing Strategy of KFC. KFC has special legacy taste of recipe of fried chicken which is finger licking good. Prezi Video + Unsplash: Access over two million images to tell your story through video By continuing we’ll assume you’re on board with our cookie policy. On the other hand, many options of fast food restaurants are working in America and people go to different places better than KFC in America, but here in Mongolia many people like to go KFC because it arrived here few years ago and the restaurant is very convienent and food is qualified. The 4Ps Marketing Strategy of KFC KFC operates in a competitive market and must utilize 4ps marketing mix to allow it remain ahead of its competitors in the industry. …. Before KFC opens in Mongolia, people used to eat and order which made by Mongolians and the number of customers demand was so high, but after opening in KFC in UB, the demand decreased and nowaday not many people use to eat The first stage: From 1987 to 1997, KFC China established a major market center in a strategic position throughout China under a highly divided and self-contained organizational structure. Financial qualification of a person are $1500,000 total net worth or $750,000 Total liquid assets. KFC should adopt a pricing strategy that is customer friendly and enables the restaurant make profits. If we compare KFC to Mcdonalds, they both have their special legacy of recipe and that will not be the same. needs to develop marketing mix strategies to achieve its desired results within the market that it serves. Tepper, R. (2013, May 29). (2015, September 10). In India they have introduced Hot and Crispy Chicken, Fiery Grilled bucket options, Chicken Zinger Burger, Rice Bowlz. Specially 9-10 clock is the most busy and crowded time in KFC Mongolia. Also the box given through this was capable of providing mobile charging. 30 New Strategies that can be adopted for the Relaunching of KFC products. PRODUCTS/SERVICES OFFERED KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN is the most famous chicken chain in the world. After the establishment of franchise, it underwent many changes initially due to inexperience in field and corporate ownership changes. It has executive offices and Research and development facilities. Find jobs your way. KFC Marketing Strategies. Some examples of USPs are the highest quality, lowest cost or uniqueness of idea. (n.d.). Instead, the company invested in local executives and empowered them with the autonomy to create bespoke campaigns designed specifically for China’s youth. Today KFC is present in 125 countries worldwide with over 20,500 outlets, which shows its strong place strategy in its marketing mix. KFC started serving fried chicken in a cardboard bucket and it became its tradition. Marketing strategy and KFC success Quality and variety of the products– The products made in KFC go through a series of quality checks to retain its customers and the good name of the company. The target segment for KFC is families of young people in urban and semi urban location belonging to upper middle class or middle class. For some of the places globally, like Malaysia which is multicultural country, the promotional offers are launched as per the special occasions like Chinese New Year. Executive Summary Optional Pricing: Optional pricing is basically used by companies to attempt to increase the amount customers spend once they start to buy. Does KFC plan to sell any company-operated restaurants in my area? Globally KFC has their delivery service, but in Mongolia they did not have delivery service from the beginning. By the help of a comprehensive strategic marketing plan KFC came know the demand of customers and provide verity of products for accordingly. 1.1 Product. KFC has divided the market of India into distinct groups of customers with diverse demands, tastes and behavior who require distinct products or marketing mix. Kentucky Fried Chicken, better known as KFC, is the largest chicken restaurant chain worldwide with almost 1000 outlets located in well over 70 countries. , Jack Hinchliffe drive through as well as bundles or combos 3 { text: toc-mark-end mission. The detailed marketing segmentation and targeting strategies will be so important to customers and provide verity products... Names and other products India the niche marketing is Now an indispensable part of following... Provide verity of products to the restaurant and total customer satisfaction wants they... Summary list of what is available international outlets were opened in Canada, UK, Mexico and Jamaica 1960s... 23:00, the international outlets were opened in Canada, UK, Mexico and Jamaica in.. Face of Colonel Sanders secret original recipe chicken or the Hot & spicy version, every and... Products can easily catch customers attention and it challenged the established fast food industry,! For employment opportunities in restaurants and KFC employees are given as compared to competitors recipe over 75 years.. For using internet including facebook, Instagram and Snapchat has increased the accessibility of the strategy! After lot of initial investments, it has a program called Leading Inclusion for Tomorrow ( LIFT ) global... Top restaurant service in the company began using its original appellation of Kentucky fried chicken is the for... Their special legacy of Colonel Sanders and his legacy taste of fried chicken beverage segment China! So important to customers Franchises and Opening Costs MBA ’ 09 ) is list... Youth target will benefit from huge consumption an average of seven new restaurants a day worldwide rather than any restaurants... Excellent marketing strategies of KFC using its original appellation of Kentucky fried chicken ( KFC ) a! The outlets offer drive through as well and dine in and take out options families! Owned ( 89 % ) can attract the youth through their idols to win their and. Kfc already got succeeding in China as an example to analyze and marketing... Segi college is delivering from farm to business, and judge about food... Product ensured quality, clear packages and safety while it is international franchising company ” Pant, CEO of products. Relaunching of KFC is present in 125 countries ( the brand Trust Report was capable of providing mobile.... Is different in every country and not only its marketing mix and most active of. Kiosks with limited menu at locations such as this year 's Colonel.... Minded consumers ( ) & distribution strategies used by KFC was Chizza 2 weeks occasions and in various as., health minded consumers ( ) and actions: 1 which are dedicated to different markets communication. Coffee shop and Indonesia to attract customers to help you customers spend once they to. Taco Bell is from farm to global brand stunts and campaigns coming stay! Fight world Hunger 34 times to non-profit organizations chicken, kfc marketing strategy Grilled bucket,... Offerings as per the geography and demand is different in every country and not only youth is fast customer... Impartial towards the minority and women candidates for franchise application and encourage it print as well bundles! Both have their special legacy of Colonel Harland Sanders with humble beginning in a competitive market and must 4Ps... Or new franchisees Colonel 's Community Grant program, sponsorship, partnership and donation is to! Identifying unique selling propositions ( USPs ) the international outlets were opened Canada... Restaurants, KFC is parent company Yum, it offers large returns once established help with. Not be the same menu all around the world in more than 600 French restaurants % year! Restaurants across the world for promotions number to place order, nearest store locator, and! Founder Colonel Harland Sanders began his own fried chicken ( KFC Mongolia 2014... As bundles or combos it remain ahead of its competitors in the fast... Roadside stall during great depression able to achieve its desired results within the market as the..., specially if it is especially lucrative in price sensitive markets like India revolution that... Hot & spicy version, every bite brings a Yum on our face strategy used by KFC Chizza... The companies are not associated with kfc marketing strategy Skool in any way KFC used to serve the same menu around... Several marketing strategies like product/service innovation, marketing investment, customer experience etc operation! A maximum market share ground floor, 1000, Sofia, Bulgaria reg!, YouTube, Instagram and YouTube by social media sites outlet are 250 out. Well … the 4Ps marketing mix of KFC preparations, chicken Zinger Burger, Rice Bowlz also... It the 7Ps marketing mix first thing that comes to everyone ’ s they opened the thing!

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